About Us

We are a local and thriving sporting club, where cricket has been played for many a years and where boys have become men and lifelong friendships have been forged. We’ve toiled hard but have fun along the way through our long and glorious history and we have no plans to stop what we’re doing anytime soon! Our hidden paradise is called Compton House Cricket Club, close to 150 years young and mightier than ever!

We welcome men, boys, women. children and even dogs (on leads). We gather in the evening, we gather during the day, we gather during the week and we gather at the weekends. If you like cricket, or the great outdoors, or friends, family, beer, wine, a cup of tea or even just fresh air, we have a home for you.

Come into our website and see what we’re all about, for we are not just a cricket club, we, are Compton House Cricket Club !!