First team off to a winning start !

What a way to start the season off for the mighty House! Setting the tone right with 11 players on the day, we got to the bar early and started the traditional pre match warm ups. Shortly thereafter someone said something about a game of cricket and threw a coin at me. The opposition called heads and put us in the field.

Joe and Harps opened and Cattistock found themselves 3 wickets down in no time, however, the start of a partnership was forming. Stuart Brill and myself followed up with the ball, Stuart's economy making up for my lack thereof. Despite numerous objections I gave myself an extra over and eventually (though still just before drinks) dismissed their set batsman. And as the saying goes, one brings two. Now their middle order was exposed, it was time to tear through them with the seamers. First ball after drinks Connor Fletcher clean bowled the batsman facing, then after some of warm up deliveries, resumed his line and length. Next to prove his worth was Tim, bowling down the hill he was making the ball talk, hitting some good areas and also getting in on the wickets. Tom Paradise, was up next for the mighty House. Credit where it's due and in the interest of fairness he started with a few wides to ensure Cattistock had some sort of total, but in the end was only denied a wicket by a dropped catch at mid on. Then after waiting patiently in the field, Spencer was finally thrown the ball. And it was only a delivery or two later that I thought to myself that maybe i could have brought him on sooner. Shortly after Spencer came on they were 9 down and in no time all out to a good run out from Chris. Perhaps we could have got them out for cheaper but Rory was denied two clear stumping in an excellent showing behind the sticks. Overall, the fielding performance was superb, reducing a Premier side to 159 all out off 30 overs !

Then it was down to the batsmen. As with the bowling it was Harps and Joe to open. Harps was Mr consistent as usual and Joe was just starting to middle them when he was given LBW - suspicions of height from the sidelines, but Joe felt it a fair decision. That bought Rory to the crease and the phrase 'good time not a long time' was duly applicable. Though perhaps not for the scorer who, whilst frantically trying to keep up with Rory's scoring rate copped one of his 6s in the shoulder! RSR smashed a rapid 30 odd before being well held for a sharp caught and bowled. It was then that Charlie stepped to the crease and looked assured, composed and played some glorious shots. All the while Harps was accumulating steadily at the other end, that is until he ran a two and had to retire! Chris came in at five at took the RSR approach to batting. By now we were fast approaching their total and it was only because of Chris trying a defensive shot for the first time that anyone else got a bat. Spencer was in at six and carried on with the same intent as Chris and Rory. However, it was Charlie's presence at the crease that ensured the win.

A great performance all round and a good laugh afterwards.

Thanks to all players, bar staff, supporters, groundsmen etc for making it the day it was.

Man of the match is too tough to call.


25th April 2021

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