Compton vs Weymouth (A)

It was a grim day at Weymouth but the House players shone regardless. It wasn't the victory we deserved but it was a vast improvement, and one to give confidence for the rest of the season.

Harps and I opened as we did against Swanage. Harps bowled beautifully only conceding 7 runs in 8 overs! I was not so tight with my bowling but despite taking the edge (past slip) the Weymouth openers were resolute. Chris came on first change after me and was fast but loose. However, the hangover got the better of him and he went wicket less. Spencer was doing a good job behind the sticks but i needed him to bowl, so Chris took over with the gloves and did a steady job.

Dan followed on after Chris and bowled amazingly. Constantly hitting a line and length he took 3 wickets in his spell. Joe caught the first, then 2 caught & bowled - the 2nd a screamer smashed back at him only to be miraculously held! The rest of the bowlers bowled well. Tom Para and Spence creating half chances but the rest of our wickets were run outs. It could have been even better but a couple more run outs were missed. However, the energy was excellent in the field, especially after drinks. Tom Para nearly took a worldly - al la Andrew Strauss in 2005 but the ball spilled as his elbow hit the turf! The only real blemish was a catch that landed between the two Toms, Para and Dimmy - both still claiming to this day that it was the others' catch! At the death Tim bowled well as did Connor (until his wrist went) and Joe. Joe unfortunately denying Connor his first with a drop - but in the gloom it was one of those days where catching was far from easy. Nevertheless the mighty House stuck to their task well and the innings ended with us requiring 245 to win at just over 6s per over.

Rory and Harps opened and seeing two legends on the club stride out with bat in hand filled the rest of the team with confidence. It wasn't long before Rory started to find his range with a couple of fantastic shots to the boundary. There was a feeling that this could be our day at last. However, just as Rory was looking to really tuck into the bowlers the next lofted drive didn't quite sound right and it was only when Ror got back to the boundary's edge that we saw his bat had broken. This sort of luck is the reason we are where we are this season. That brought Joe to the crease and with some good judgement and good shots, Harps and Joe started to accumulate well. After 10 overs we were 55 for 1 and keeping up with the rate. Joe was let off a c&b chance but this time could not make the most of it and was adjudged LBW shortly after. A couple of boundaries to Harps took us to 78 off 14 and still going well. Then Chris was dropped off their leggie... and only just made his ground after Harps watched him run a two before the ball got back to keeper! Chris then took said leggie for 15 in an over before being caught by the keeper over his head, inches from the floor - another day and that catch is just out of reach...

Dan in next and first scoring shot was a drop at mid off. However, he then played some fantastic late dabs and cuts to keep the strike rotating. However, Harps was then out bowled off an inside edge; a huge blow to our chances. Tom Para to the crease and the sharp running continued, much to Paz's distress: gasping for a defib and complaining about a cardiac arrest or some such. However, to Paz's relief, if not Dimmy's (next in) and the rest of the team's, Dan was out stumped just dragging the back foot just out of the crease. By now we had lost a few wickets but Dimmy smashed a 4 through point and the running continued to be excellent. However, the lengthy partnership we required never quite materialised. When the two Tom's were out it was down to the late order. Connor started well with an open-faced guided shot for 4 but was bowled soon after. Tim was far too honest in the situation, walking after edging it, which just left Spence and i to keep their players out in the miserable rain. We did out best and stayed out there until the final over but the runs were too much for us. However, this was our highest score of season and a great effort from all. Dimmy, Paz and Connor saved dozens of runs throughout. Man of the match is Dan. His bowling, fielding and all round play continues to impress. Well played gents. Thanks, P

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